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Camping Pictures from Kelly Park, Florida

Well, finally got around to developing all the hundreds of camping pictures we took - well, my wife developed them, I just paid for it. Man there were a lot of camping pictures........ can you say expensive!

But here goes... if you like camping, enjoy the pics.
If your thinking of going camping - I say go for it. Camping is the best way to vacation and spend quality time with your family.

A Pictures is a thousand words - here they are..

Nice, and cold slow river
kelly park camping

well, we are in the wild

camping site kelly park

enjoying natureflorida camping vacation calm just before they almost drown in the river
camping vacation almost 2 weeks living in that ??
camping at kelly parkcamping is not camping without a bike
camping kelly parkhey, who said you can have fun
camping site kelly park one of those stagged pic opps my wife loves
florida campingyears of evolution and I still have trouble making a fire
florida camping vacation I have about 200 pictures from camping, I'd show them all but it's just to much darn work. Hope you enjoyed the pics and yes, the camping site was great - ever want to try it - it's kelly Park in Florida.

Robin Williams has outdone himself.

This ia so cool - I love America!

Robin Williams portrays the American flag.
Robin Williams has outdone himself.

Funny - PC support call

Caller : Hi, our printer is not working.

Customer Service: What is wrong with it?

Caller : Mouse is jammed.

Customer Service: Mouse? Printers don't have a mouse you idiot!

Caller: Mmmmm??.. Oh really?... I will send a picture.

Scroll down.

funny joke pc support call

Kelly Park Apopka florida - Camping 2010

Camping, it's the best family bonding experience!

camping apopka florida kelly parkThis years Florida Camping vacation was filled with thrills, fun and even life threatening danger - that's right, if you thought camping was a dull experience - hey, we proved you wrong.

This year we went Camping, the family - we left the dog behind [ yea ! ] and we packed up all our gear and we hit the road. When we got there I was worried about the weather - and yes it rained like no tomorrow the first night and the next day - I thought my tent was going to float away. But after surviving the torrential down pour the sun came out and the fun began.

As always the family saw nature - a bit too close for my taste. The squirrels were everywhere and the raccoons kept coming around at all hours of the night every night [ but we learned by this time how to store our food and keep it away from their reach ]. The river was freezing cold - I mean cold - my nieces lips were blue but that didn't stop her from going into the water or eating, eating and eating.

kelly park camping florida
We did several miles of walking and biking, we even bought my son a fishing rod so he could pretend to go fishing - it was the funniest thing in the world, you would have thought that he really expected to catch something with only a tinny rubber wheel on the end of his Disney "Cars" fishing rod as bait.

But you ask - what about the "Danger" the "life threatening experience"?....

Well, the family wasn't satisfied with just camping, as if sleeping in the woods with the only thing separating you from the wild is a thin layer of material and the possibility that you could just simply walk into a - say, a bear, an alligator, even a pissed off raccoon is bad enough.... But no, not my family, they wanted to go canoeing - great....

camping fishing florida apopkaTo make a long story short, I didn't go because I was chicken and my five year old said he wasn't going because he was afraid that the boat would turn over. Well, my son was right - the canoe trip was a disaster - first there was the snake in the canoe, then the trees, the bushes, the branches slapping them in the face, and it was a ten mile trek. The funny part was my sister in-law who told me she peed on herself because the trip was so long - the danger you ask .... My brother-in-law hit a branch and the boat turned over, my daughter, my 5 yr old niece went over with him. Considering they told me they saw alligators just before they turned over - scared was not what they felt, terrified is what they were. They told me that they will never go canoeing ever, ever, ever again. But I don't believe them.

The scariest part of all was the story Roxy one of the rangers told us - as we told her about the horrifying experience with the canoe turning over, she told us a even more frightening mishap. Apparently an elderly couple on this same canoe trip had decided to stop at one of the canoe kelly park apopka florida campingso called rest areas in the river [ which was only a cleared area with a fire pit and two benches ]. According to Roxy - the couple took a short nap at the rest area and awoke to find themselves surrounded by alligators. They stood very still until all the alligators decided they had enough sun and left one by one - Ahhhh! I would have been eaten alive because my wife would have simply freaked out and would have made it known to the gators that lunch was available - me...........

kelly park florida apopka camp groundAll in all, it was a fun experience that I enjoyed with my family. I had a wonderful time bonding with the kids and interesting enough - it always felt like I enjoyed a deep sleep and the nights seemed to last forever. But that doesn't mean I wasn't tired from all the walking, running,swimming, playing and all the fun I had. Besides, who do you think carried all thier stuff around - man I need another vacation.......
link to kelly park at this post: Kelly Park Apopka Florida

Who's afriad of the dark - Me, keep that Darn Light on !!!!

camping kelly park apopka florida night
You go girl - get that Tan, so sexy ... gruff..

apopka florida camping state park
Yep, we had BINGO night !

camping in florida cheap
The LAZY way to wash dishes

kelly park apopka florida camping 2010
Yes Blankets - It was COLD at night

apopka florida camping
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