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Camping Pictures from Kelly Park, Florida

Well, finally got around to developing all the hundreds of camping pictures we took - well, my wife developed them, I just paid for it. Man there were a lot of camping pictures........ can you say expensive!

But here goes... if you like camping, enjoy the pics.
If your thinking of going camping - I say go for it. Camping is the best way to vacation and spend quality time with your family.

A Pictures is a thousand words - here they are..

Nice, and cold slow river
kelly park camping

well, we are in the wild

camping site kelly park

enjoying natureflorida camping vacation calm just before they almost drown in the river
camping vacation almost 2 weeks living in that ??
camping at kelly parkcamping is not camping without a bike
camping kelly parkhey, who said you can have fun
camping site kelly park one of those stagged pic opps my wife loves
florida campingyears of evolution and I still have trouble making a fire
florida camping vacation I have about 200 pictures from camping, I'd show them all but it's just to much darn work. Hope you enjoyed the pics and yes, the camping site was great - ever want to try it - it's kelly Park in Florida.

1 comment:

Cityencounters said...

this oddly makes me want to go camping although camping to me has always been sleeping in a log cabin with electricity!


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