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Curse you YMCA - I hate you!

Curse you YMCA - I hate you!

I could no longer avoid it, I’ve been telling my wife I had to work - so it made it easy to get out of going with her. Well, today was the day I could no longer say no. I simply had no excuse, off work for the week end, no plans or side work that needed to be done…… Ok honey I will go with you to the YMCA and work out with you….. ???

sebring florida highlandsNo, I am not a lazy slob or a husband that doesn’t want to spend time with his wife - it’s that I am not into all the “exercise” thing and really - I do hate the sun…. I live in Florida and most activities here deal with being outside and being under the sun… can you say “crispy crunchy” sun burn.

So, Saturday morning my wife woke me up early and said the most terrible words I’ve ever heard - “lets go work out” ….. What, this early in the morning!

I have to say though, as hard as it was dragging my sleepy butt across town to work out on all those machines of torture wasn’t so bad as I thought - I even felt good enough to go and spend some time in the pool with my son so he wouldn’t feel left out. But, but with all that said… I still hated the YMCA.

My reasons:
1- the men’s bathroom was set up for perverts and those others guys.
* the showers were all open to everyone, not just to the others in the shower room, but to the whole group in the bathroom / locker room. Give me a break, the women’s bathrooms have dividers, the men’s urinals have dividers - but the showers are open wide…. Pleas don’t drop the soap.

2- It was great, the work out machine’s were completely new and set-up for ease, you followed a pattern around the room to make it simple - but, when I needed to take a bathroom break, I couldn’t find the men’s room in the work out area. I saw 2 signs for women’s bathroom but none for men. I had to go out to the open shower gay bathroom to do my business.

sebring florida highlands county3- I loved the pool, I had a great time with my son - but, yes another but…. The pool was out in the open with no covering to protect you from the sun. While most people are happy with hanging out in the sun getting cancer - I mean sun tan. I on thy other hand hate the sun, I hate it with a passion… so as I sit here typing this my sun burn is throbbing - curse you YMCA…

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