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Funny, pillow fight of death

Oh I just had to post this, it made me luagh so hard.
It reminded me of real life oddly enough. Did you ever start a simple game or a simple play fight and then you end up getting way out hand.... no really. I remember when I was a kid me and my older sister were play fighting, we had just finished watching some television show that inspired us to "play fight". I don't remember what the show was about, but I remember what happened afterward. We starting play fighting, I got the upper hand and decided to boast how strong I was and how I was going to win. I do not remmber how but I had some how over powered her enough to have her pinned on the ground - [ thinking back she may have planned it that way ].

Some how she destracted me by warning me that she was going to win....

I stopped to gloat and some how she bent her legs and planted her feet on my chest - the next thing I know I was flying across the room and landed upside down with my feet up on the dreser... not funny.

Ofcourse I did get revenge years later...

We were playing football in our apartment and we had this long hallway... she had the ball and I simply could not catch up to her. So when she was about to touch the goal she slowed down, in that very instint I just decided to push her forward.... right into a wall [ ouch...]. but don't feel bad for her, she gave me a punch to the gut as pay back.. Ah brotherly love, isn't great to have family.

funny joke pillow fight of death

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