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Marriage : You can lose it... JOKE

funny comic marriage fight image

Ok, a bit on the adult side and a bit on the "Married with Children" [ Old TV show ] mentality. But any one that is or has been married should understand this joke. I personally find it funny becuase some how we believe it's normal for a relationship to change once you've been married a few years.
Wait: I didn't say relationship doesn't grow... I said change, like in I love chacolate before I was married and now I don't. Yeah, theirs the health, hormone and other physical issues.... But lets face it: there is only one reason any one gets married.... [ and for those who don't want to get married - hook up...]

What happened to my life - joke, funny comic

funny comic marriage fight image

Now this one is a sad sick joke.
This is just real life being funny. Who knew that when you were children dreaming about the stars, outer space, becoming the president of the United States of America. That your life would turn out to be this. Not that I don't love my kids. But give me a breal will ya.

Definition of Stupid - Now this Funny Comic I can relate to.

funny comic marriage fight image

This one is Funny but personal.
I created this comic strip after dealing with some family issues. You know, after knowing people for years you get to know them. You start to see patterns, you see them repeating actions and mistakes over and over again. I had this one family member who wanted my help and kept bothering me for advice, but this person was tired of me giving them the same advice. My thought was, "Well, you keep doing the same darn thing over and over. Stupid...."

Honey Moon is over Joke - funny comic strip

funny comic marriage fight image

This one comic is funny as HE*L. But it's been around a while.
I revamped an old joke my soon to be father-in-law use to tell me.
It went like so:

A guy and his girl are dating and the girl sees the moon, she ask "why does the moon hide". The young man says "because your beauty puts it to shame." A months later on another date the girl ask again: "why does the moon hide?" and the young man replies "because your beauty puts it to shame". The couple marries and a year after the wedding the girl now his bride ask, "why does the moon hide" and the young man replies "because it's going to rain stupid".

Marriage & Fighting - Funny, Silly Comic

funny comic marriage fight image

To be honest, I came up with this funny silly cartoon after having a long dragged out argument with my wife. No that we went to blows, but the truth is - we all scream at each other but most of us never really want to hit the other person. We're all full of empty threats... Well, most of us.

Pumpkin Contest - We were Robbed

pumkin decorating contest

Our school had a decorate a Pumpkin contest. We could not carve the pumpkins, probably because it would smell up the whole school - but you could still be creative with your ideas. I have to say some were very creative others... well, you be the judge.

Now to be honest, we were broken up into teams and until today - I did not know I was even on a team. But I have to say - my team with no help from me ( in my opinion ) did a great job with the pumpkin. Not that it made a defference since we didn't win the contest.

pumpkin decorating contestI do believe we were robbed, I don't know who or how the votes were counted but we did not win. But I took a few pictures of all the pumkins for you to enjoy and I hope you comment about which pumkin you believe won the contest. No, I wont share who won just to see if your guess is right? Happy Halloween guys.

Eat lot's of candy but don't come to my house for a treat - cause I wont have any. I will eat all my candy before 6 pm... Lol

Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest
Pumpkin Contest

Updated 10-24-2011
The Custodian Pumpkin Won.
I think they were creative too.

Halloween Scary fun video, child safe.

Always looking for something funny for my kids, but safe and appropriate.
I ran across this halloween video I thought was cute, nice and safe.
There is no sound, seems like it was created for a school [ meaning it's child safe ] to be played over school wide system.
Take a look.

I kind of like it, I dig all the halloween pumpkin carvings - wish I could do that. The last pics is halarious in my opinion.

Went online to find my favorite Halloween Pumpkin pics...

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