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Kill my Zombie Wife Joke...

Yes, that's right! I thought it and I made a cartoon about it.
But it's not what you think... Get my explination below.

zombie joke kill my wife

I love the AMC T.V. show “The Walking Dead” and my wife has always been a fan of Zombie movies. As we watched “The Walking Dead” the question came up - “Would you be able to kill me if I turned into a Zombie?“

So it sounds cruel that I would think that if the world went to pot and we lived in an Apocalyptic end of the world event where Zombies roamed the earth.... “That I would kill my wife“.
Let me explain: The reason I thought this, and trust me - she asked and I did think it.
But, my reasoning is this: In every Zombie movie you have these characters that end up bringing death to the rest of the group because they just do not listen or think. You know, the Zombies are out there so lets walk around without any concern, leave doors open or worst - do something stupid like attract the killer Zombies to us when they were just told to shut up and stay still.
Me personally, I have always thought that every Zombie movie I ever watched left one fact out - that the group, in order to survive - would kill the idiot who would most likely get everyone killed. Ok, they don’t have to kill him/her or them ( there is always more than one ), but the group should at least get rid of them so they can die alone.

So why did I think this about my wife? Because knowing my wife... she would be the one to draw the attention of a hoard of flesh eating hungry Zombies because someone told her to be silent. And the person who told her to be silent... that would have been me. I can see it now, Zombies all around and she starts screaming about how rude it is of me to tell her to “Shut up”. As she rants about how I am not her father and I am no one to tell her to be silent, the Zombies come over, grab her, eat her and Honestly.... I run away.

Tell me you wouldn’t do the same?

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