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Memorial Elementary Mad Science Night ?

Welcome all Mad Scientist.....
Ok, the only mad person was me. I am pretty sure some of our school guest must of thought I was a bit crazy as I went around like a mad paparazzi photographer taking as many pictures as I could.

memorial elementary science fair nightOh, did I mentioned that I would forget to ask if it was ok to take a pic.. After the shutter went click.. "oh, sorry - is it ok to take your photo?" You should have seen me, looking for all the right angles, sneaking up on people to get just the right picture... I was good.

All in all, the School Science night was fun, atleast for me. The funniest thing of the whole night was this one older gentlemen who for some reason or another would not let me take his picture. There he is with his child looking at this wonderful science project and I asked "hey guys let me take your picture?" So the kids pose and he steps back a bit. So I step back to get him in the shot and wait - he steps back again to get out of the shot. I even asked him to get in the shot in front of the science project and his response... was without a word to take one more step back. Wierd, really wierd? Really, I was starting to think that I should secretly take his picture and run it by the FBI, or atleast the sherrif. But no, a co-worker told me who he was and that he is well known at the school.

But again, hope you enjoyed the video because I had a great time with it - but please do tell me what you thought of the science song. I was a bit iffy on it?

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