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What Men are really thinking?

What are men really thinking?
You have to admit, the age old question has gone unanswered for a very long time. But today I let all women around the world, or at least those who read this blog “What men really think about”?

You’ve heard it before - Men are from mars and Women are from Venus. But the truth is that what men are thinking about can be summed up into three categories. The first one is: physical, you know it I know it - do I have to spell it out. The second is: food, that is another given, full stomach makes and keeps a man happy. Why you think men love women who can cook….
The third is the one that has been kept secret from women by their significant others, boyfriend and husband. That secret will now be revealed to all of you today. To soften the blow I will share it with you in the form of a musing cartoon.

what men really think

So now you know.
The truth is out. What your boyfriend, Man, Husband is thinking when he has a smile on his face, and when you ask him, why he says: “Oh, I’m just thinking….” He is thinking of a funny way to make you, that’s right - YOU, make you silent. Hell, that is my politically correct way of saying “silence you for ever”.

Ok, I am sure your thinking impossible, no - bad joke.
But lets face it women - you have the same thought all the time. What? Did you think you were the only one to think about it. You know you have, you know you think about it at least once a day, for some of you, twice a day.

Yes, now that you know - that the reason he is smiling and doesn’t want to share his thoughts with you is because he is thinking about how annoying and stubborn you, yes you are and that when you get in trouble for not listening, for ignoring reason, because you know better - so why not let you drown. Yep, just like you - can you imagine that, man and women are more a-like than you or even I realize or care to admit.

Admit it, when we get lost because we “men” hate to ask for directions - you know your secretly thinking you wish “He” got lost alone and never, ever, ever turned up. Ofcourse we men never notice your thinking this because you hide it so well by complaining about what your man has done to annoy you at the moment.
Well, maybe you don’t hide it so well, you just over-react and men have a habit of tuning you out.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lol If every man had a chance to do that,i bet they all will!

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