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Why aren't you Romantic anymore ???

Marriage, it's a wonderful thing.
But it also has a special kind of place if you will.
It is nothing like you see in the movies or Television. It certainly is not like what you see in the commercials. The reality of life as a married couple is more something like this......

It's not that when you get married you stop romanticizing about each other.
It is not that you don't desire each other, after all that’s how we got those darn kids....
It is not that we don't love each other.
The reality of life is that marriage - a true marriage [ a union of two that becomes one ] is so much more than what we fantasize about or is portrayed before us in cinema. The truth about marriage is .....

You know everything about each other.

They snore, they toss in their sleep. Hell, some of them fart in their sleep [ that‘s right I said it - I don‘t do it but I have a family member who does - camping story for another time ]. We see each other do things that single people do, but are too embarrassed to do in front of others. Why do you think single woman eat like a bird on a date but chow down like a horse at home. Do you really believe men don’t blow or in some cases pick their nose in real life. I remember a time when dating meant that you couldn’t even pass gas in front of your date because it was embarrassing. Granted, today’s society is a bit off kilter. Young daters today are more open to being “real” but lets face it. If a guy or a woman went on a date with you and on that first date passed gas, burped and scratched their ass at the dinner table... Would you think: Damn I’m marrying this one.

Lets face it people - marriage is not about Romance, that's for single people or players who want to live the fairy tale. The reality of marriage is knowing that one person so well - that you keep their disgusting habit’s a secret from the rest of the world. So why do people feel like they lost the romance - because they saw some unrealistic movie portraying what fairytale marriage or relationships should be. Wait until your ninety and your wearing adult diapers - where is the romance then…..

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