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Would you be mad if Zombies killed your Spouse?

Another apocalyptic "end of the world" zombie disaster comic.
But let's face it, a man and his true love should not be separated.

yuthink zombies wife joke

After watching another great episode of the AMC Television Show “ The Walking Dead “ I had this epiphany . A man and his true love should never be separated. I know for me, if the world came to any end, be it zombies or other crazy event – I cannot live without my cups of coffee. That is correct – cups, not one or two but several cups throughout my day.

I cannot imagine a life wife coffee.

Look, do not judge me or mock me – we all have vices. We all have our daily fixes, needs, hit, that we have to have. Me it’s coffee, for you it could be MTV? But in the end, we need something to make this life simpler, easier, nicer.
Ok, so you were expecting the cartoon to say he couldn’t live without his wife – but it would be funny if you expect it. Now the donuts, that makes you smile – even laugh. Why, because deep down inside we all know that we would do the same if it came down to losing your most needed substance.......

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