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How to install a new Toilet ??? … for christmas???

How to install a new Toilet ??? … for christmas???

Strange Christmas gift #2

I will give you the steps to replace and install a new toilet bowl but first let me explain the above first.

Ok, this one will take some time so lets start at the beginning. There we were enjoying christmas break. The children anxously waiting for christmas to open the presents, the granparents had just finished moving down and they ask a logical question: “I believe the new rule is we only buy gifts for the children right?” We have a large family so we established a rule that all the adults would only buy gifts for the neices, nephews, only children. Because it can get very expensive to buy gifts for everyone.

So, the response was “yes only the kids”.... no problem right, simple and clear cut.

Well, the grandparents have been staying with us because their house was not finished [ which is ok with me ] but, the toilet started leaking. Water occassionally just seeped out from below the toilet which cuased it not to work properly [ eew …. ].

So being christmas week I didn't want to call a plummer or anything because it would be – right, expensive. So having two bathrooms I just told my wife that we would take care of it after christmas break. Not, I was wrong.....

funny strange giftsGrandpa, my father-in-law is not a person who waits. He is a take charge lets get it done kind of guy. So when I got home I found a brand new toilet sitting in the back of my car [ Rondo – put the seats down fits fine ]. So the next morning I ask why I have a toilet in my car. My wife's response “Oh, my dad bought it.” My response “ Why?” Her response: “ I don't know I told him not to but he said think of it as a christmas gift...” I puased as the thought of a toilet being givin as a christmas gift crossed my mind. I could not help but imagine briefly a child finding a large heavy box under the tree thinking wow I hit the mother load. Only to open the box and find – a toilet …..

So, after accepting our christmas gift [ toilet ] my wife proceeded to push to have the toilet replaced with the new one. Don't get me wrong, it is a really nice toilet with fancy button that conserves water [ by the way as you see in the picture: the blue button is half flush for wee wee, and the silver button is for full flush for #2, you know. ].

strange funny giftsSo, since I was afraid of what I might find, thinking the worst, I wanted to wait - get a professional. So, my wife took the initiative and started removing the old toilet …. Ofcourse I couldn't leave her do it all alone [ she knew I would do it if she started it ] so I helped her. I think it turned out pretty well – no major problem just had to replace the wax ring really but she wasn't going to let me just put the old toilet back.

But here is an interesting question: how many people does it take to put in a toilet?
Apparently it takes a village because My wife started it, I worked on putting the new one in, grandpa and even my brother-in-law all had to give a helping hand [ cuting some bolts, and minor stuff...... ].

christmas gift how to install toiletSo, this is how this year [ 2011 ] we got a brand new toilet for christmas. A gift that keeps on giving … or should I say taking … taking crap from us... I better stop.

So now here are a few simple steps on how to install a new bathroom toilet
Step 1: Disconnect the Supply Line
Step 2: Remove the Old Toilet
Step 3: Install a New Wax Seal
Step 4: Attach the Tank and Bowl
Step 5: Secure the Toilet and Finish Installation [ don't over tighten, may break flange ]
* Pray your floor is even and not like mine that I had to get shimmies to keep bowl from rocking and rolling.. moving.

If you want specific details visit: how to install a new toilet for full step by step instructions.

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