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I want my Free Juice - Adventure at Winn Dixie

Adventure in Winn Dixie - I want my Free Juice!

grocerydeals winn dixieLet's start at the beginning. My wife has her family down, we are low on food so we whip out our weekly Winn Dixie coupon flyer and figure out what we are going to get. Economy is tough and every dollar counts - so we want to be savvy, get those deals, savings and what not. After all groceries can be very expensive. So my wife goes online and tells me they [ Winn Dixie ] is having a special and she wants me to buy "10" V8 Splash juices and that we get 5 free. I thought impossible - she proved me wrong. She showed me the flyer and showed me online. Not happy about being proven wrong I decide to leave her home and go with my daughter - you know dad daughter family bonding time [ truth - get away from the misses time... ]

So while were having fun shopping and I'm driving my daughter crazy as she pushes this heavy shopping cart around the grocery store. Yes, I went and got the 15 V8 splash juices first. I'm thinking hey, this is a great day, having fun, teaching my daughter how to look for deals - what could be better.

discount savings dealSo I finish with the groceries and I go up to the register, I decide to ask about the buy ten for ten dollars and get 5 free V8 splash juices that Winn Dixie had online- you know to avoid any embarrassments. I show her the flyer; ask her if this is right, I saw it online? No problem, she says it's good.

Wait for it....

After she rings up all the groceries and their several people waiting behind me, she tells me that the register won’t give me the five free V8 splash? What? Double check that girl... So she ask the manager, who says that the deal is for the power aid drinks not for the V8. So I lose a bit of my temper and tell him that I see it in the flyer and saw it online - he tells me that the label is positioned wrong on the flyer it’s for the power aid. So I tell him that if it's too much trouble just take the juices back, but that I saw it online and it is on the flyer. So he sends the poor cash register girl to go check the isle and ofcourse she comes back and says there is no tag on the V8 isle promoting the 10 for 10 deal...

Again, I don't care - just take the five juices back. So this poor girl goes through my already bagged groceries and takes out 5 juices and then needs the manager to deduct them from my total. I leave but it bothers me, it eats at me... so after putting my stuff in the car, I drive off only to park again and tell my daughter to wait. I look up the deal on my smart phone and go right back into Winn Dixie. I couldn't find the manager [good because I probably would have caused a scene] and I told the register girl as politely as I could that they should take that deal off their website if they were not going to honor it.

groceries v8 splashI go home, tell my wife the long story and she calls the store - ofcourse the manager comes up with excuses. So my wife who did not want to give me the phone follows my angry directions to tell him to actually look online. No, go to the section on deals [ really, have to teach the manager how to use his own website? ]. Lo and behold - "yes, mam you are right. It must be a typo? How can I correct this?" My wife's response, "I would like my 5 free V8 Splash juices". His response, "ok, just come by the store and we'll have them here for you."

Ofcourse I wanted him to mail me the juices but my wife said let’s not push it. So now I have to go pick up these V8 splash juices and what bothers me about the whole thing - wait for it.....

I didn't even want to buy them in the first place, I'm fighting over juices my wife wanted not me? Do I really need that many V8 splash juices?

Update : They took down the V8 Splash deal of 10 for $10 and get 5 free. Ofcourse they have the orange juice for 10 for $10.... lets see what happens now?


Lisa said...

haha! What a mess! I can't believe they wouldn't honor the price right away after all that hassle at the register! If it were my husband, he would have just ended up buying all of them for full price because he didn't want to deal with it. If it were me, I'd have put them all back too : )

Y u think said...

Yeah, it was a mess. But we did get an email saying the main corporate company was looking into it and they must have becuase the next day we got a call from that manager wanting to apologize for the mess.

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