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STOP, DROP, and Roll you idoit ??? Funny

Ok, I couldn't help but reminisce a couple of days back as I shared a story with some family on our Christmas break. And as I remembered all the laughs [ at my wifes expense ] I thought to myself: " Have I ever shared this online on my blog"?

The more I thought about the silly incident, the more I wanted to share the experience with you. Ofcourse, being me I couldn't help but draw up a comic - after all, sometimes a good joke needs visual effects to make it pop. So I've drawn up a comic strip of the incident [ see below ] and I will explain the details below. After all, timing is everything right?

blonde joke yuthink

So, did you get it, did you laugh?

Believe it or not it was based on a true story.
We were on a family vacation in NY City, visiting family and as always missing the city since we now live in the south.... [ Florida ]

So my wife, my brother-in-law and I decide to take a walk around the old neighborhood. Now granted we missed the city, but we live in a bad neighborhood - and after a few years of quite country small town living, things looked scarier then we remembered.

So, all three of us are walking down the street, simply reminiscing about the good old days and for no reason at all my wife starts talking about being careful and being vigilant. These streets are dangerous and she couldn't believe how we grew up in them. That as children we never truly understood the dangers that were out here and that out children would think us nuts for growing up here, and then ...... BANG!

The noise shocked us all, but my wife, well she grabbed her brothers arm and started pulling him down to the grown [ ofcourse that was is impossible, the guy to a foot taller than her and weighs 200 pounds minimum ]. When we asked her what she was doing she said she thought the noise was a gun shot and was trying to do what she learned as a kid "Stop, Drop, and roll".

First, He and I burst out laughing, then we explained to my dear loving wife that "stop, drop, and roll" was for when you were on fire. Second, the noise was a car back firing, not a gun shot. Third, if it were a gun - you duck and cover.

We laughed a good long while after that. I still laugh today as I remind her of it - thou I think she doesn't laugh as much as me, more embarrassed and upset I that share the mishap with others.

I know, it sounds cruel. But these are the memories we will carry with us for ever. Memories that will help us laugh when were eighty years old talking to our [ God willing ] great grandchildren.

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Anonymous said...

this is the funniest ever!

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