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God texting me ? great prank and joke

Is God really texting me?

I Picked my duaghter up from school today. It was a very interesting ride home.
First thing she did was complain that "She" was starving and she just had to eat something.

Ofcourse it has to be healthy [ I wanted chinese but no... ] , so Subway was the place to go [ or atleast she was making me go to ]. Lunch was good, healthy. We talked about how she got her "weirdness" from me and her crazy side from her mom, ofcourse she disagreed being crazy like her Mom... Lol atleast we agree Mom is crazy.]

So as we rode home after our healthy meal at Subways, she begins to Tell me about this prank that she was a part of on Sean (Sean, shawn how ever you spell his name ) is her freind, her special freind... I try real hard not to acknowledge him as her boy .... freind. I am a her dad after all and I still see her as my little girl.
But back to the prank. Personally I think it was a great idea and I wished I had thought of it myself.

funny silly God jokeSo as she explians the details, she tells me about a friend of hers that asked her to secretly change his name on Sean contact ( on seans cell phone from his name ) to God. The idea was to text him and have the text say: "Hello Sean, this is God. I am watching you". Sounds hilarious, honestly - I wish I had been there when he recieved the text message.

Apparently they did this a week ago and he ( Sean ) flipped out. He is still trying to figure out who is texting him ( I don't know if I should laugh or be worried that he fell for it). He happened to text her, while she was still telling me about the prank, to ask her who was God [ priceless... ] I told her she should have told him: "Who is God, the great I am, the Alfa and Omega, the big Kahuna..." I could have kept going but she was already cracking up [ luaghing ].

funy god prank jokeI should give the kid [ sean ] a break, after all it was a great prank ........

Hello Sean, this is God... I am watching you..... LOL....
Update: He is no longer her special friend - it could be due to his gullibility .... I'm so mean.

family joke god prank

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