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How private is your Bathroom? embarassing moment.

Let me share some friendly advice:

How private is your Bathroom?

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How private is your bathroom? Family advice think twice.

I remember when I was a kid my older sister played a horrible mean joke on me.
When I was a child [ wow I sound old ] I had this fear of someone walking into the bathroom when I was using it - you know …. #2.… The whole idea was dreadful to me. I didn’t even use the bathroom when I was in school because people - you know - they can hear you. For crying out loud, people sit in the stall next to you.

But one day I am nervously using the bathroom [ don’t forget I was a child, I believe about 7 or 8 ] and my older sister decided to burst into the bathroom with two of the next door kids, just for kicks, you know - torture and embarrass your little brother. Possibly scar him emotionally for life, no biggie - all in fun. So lets just say it took me for ever to get over that one. So why do I bring it up?

Because today I was at work and my office is in this small cross hallway that is hidden away. Which is great, keeps the boss away. But what I love about it is, there is a single person private bathroom right there, not even three feet away from my office door. It’s like having my own private bathroom. It’s so out of the way that it is barely ever used. I feel like it’s an extra perk - here is your office and by the way - your own private bathroom - “caching“.

But let me go on.

So like I said, today I’m sitting in my office with the door open just getting some computer work out of the way when one of the female co-workers comes by and knocks on the bathroom door. It’s always an awkward moment - almost feel like I’m intruding on them. But she goes in and I keep working - all of a sudden I hear this gush of running water. I mean a river flow of gushing water and it does not stop. It just keeps going and going. At first I thought it was rude of me to listen - but goodness it was so loud who wouldn’t hear it. Second I thought - was that a woman or a man in disguised [ me thinking: sounds like she’s peeing standing up ]. Then I started getting embarrassed for her, I thought to myself how is she going to feel when she comes out and sees me sitting here: her thinking: “Did he hear all that?”

Finally when the river turned to raindrops I got up, closed my door behind me and left the area. Why, because I was embarrassed to look her in the face when she stepped out of the bathroom.

Ofcourse now my office perk has me wondering if it’s a office nightmare - what happens if one day I get a co-worker who has to use the bathroom and turns out to be like one of those explosive truck-driver scenes you see in gasoline station restrooms. Oh man, I may have to get a gas mask handy.

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