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Teacher of the Year - what is a good teacher?

People like to say that teachers do not do enough for thier students.
That the failing grade our schools are getting is becuase they [ teachers ] are not doing everything they can to help our children learn. Well, I am very envolved in the school system and I see what happens first hand. I see the teachers who do the minimum and I see the teachers who go all out.

memorial yuthinkI watched a school have their annual "Literacy Week" program. I watched as they encouraged kids to read, how they pushed them to do more. How children were excited about this week - "I love this book and I am going to dress up as my favorite character this friday" I was told by this one little girl.

Friday came and a large group of children came to school ready to show off their costume, ready to proudly walk the halls dressed as their favorite reading book character. I also saw teachers who were dressed up as some of the characters they have been reading about to their students. Not ashamed, but proud teachers who were encouraging students by not just talking at them but participating with them.
We should apreciate our teachers. we should also respect and honor those teachers who go above and beyond what is called for, to help teach and inspire thier students. we have one teacher [ I will refrain from mentioning his name - though he should get open praise for what he does, but becuase I did not get his permission and all this sopa & pipa nonsense I won't ] he always goes above and beyond.

He reminds me of my old history teacher in highschool. This teacher would dress up as characters to make history interesting. He would go on vacation [ he was a history buff so his vacations were centered around history ] and he would bring us home videos of his trip. I would have never passed history if it would not have been for him.

And as proof of what I am talking about - here are some pictures of our "Literacy Week" Parade.

yuthink memorial yuthink memorial
yuthink memorial yuthink memorial
yuthink memorial yuthink memorial

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Cityencounters said...

this is great. I was a teacher and it is hard work. It's great when you are appreciated by your students and the system overall. I love the dress up idea! What a great school;

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