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What children do online, they should be banned

Ok, I've been very, very - did I say very? Well, I have been very busy and I am trying to catch up on my blogging. Much of my blog past are about my family, the funny things they do [ or what I consider funny - wife does not get my humor... ].

But all in all I create art [ you call it comics ], I write about the kids and sometimes about serious thing and occassionally I rant about politics [ don't get me started.

But this post is going to be about my baby girl.

You see, my kid and her friends do some very strange things. I remember once asking her what she was doing on the house phone. Apparently all her friends wanted to figure out how many people could they get on one call - so each friend did a three way call with some one else and she proudly exclaimed: "Dad, we're up to 20 people on one call - this is cool!" .. I cut that short.

Another time I found her and her friends trying to see how many people could answer [ comment ] on someones page. She told me they were going to blow up facebook.. Ok, have fun baby [ I got to get out more... ].

But what spured this post post was when I open my computer and click on my picture file I was hit with several [ about 20 or so ] pictures of my baby girls face. At first I thought they were duplicates - no they were not. Apparently she was making stills for her facebook account so she can have several different faces to show off. You know, the pic that show as your icon or what ever [ not a big facebook user ].

Sometimes I wonder about my kid and her friends.. Maybe the reason the internet and facebook are so popular with teens, is becuase their the ones who come up with the craziest ideas.... But, I did learn how to "crash her phone". When my duaghter decides to ignore my text messages, I simply send her fifty text messages [ all the same words ] and her phone just locks up: hey I am kid at heart.

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