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Hate my job, very funny comic

Ever thought, I "hate my job".... Well, here is a funny comic that goes with a very true story about why people hate their jobs, their managers and usually dream of kiiling their Boss. You have to love this, what makes it funny and sad is that this really happens.
hate my joke funny comic

Did you like the "hate my job, funny comic" strip?
It took me 3 days to think up and create the art work.... it took a real life thirty minute experience to come up with the "hate my job" joke. No, really - let me explain.

I work part time for a cellphone retailer. I work about two nights a week, at the local mall, the night shift mostly. Since my manager did not provide me with a key to the bank night drop deposite box, I would prepare any deposite we have [ as well as paper work ] and I would leave it in the cash register for the next shift to take to the bank.

My manager had no problem with this, on several occassion I even called him and told him, due to the fact that I had no key to the banks night drop deposite box, that I was leaving the deposite in the cash draw for him to make the next day. No problem right? He knew about it and we've done it several times with no complaint from him.
Then out of the blue I get a call asking me where is a deposite from three weeks ago. I tell the owner that I left it in the cash draw where I always do becuase I do not have a key [ I hate my job funny comic started....]. Then a day later I get an email asking me what happened to the deposite, again I respond with more clearity: I do not have a key to the night deposite drop box, so I left it (ready to go) in the cash registrar draw.

Again, I get another email just hours later [ I really hate my job now ].... this email asked why didn't I take the deposite to the bank. So I responded in a more dumb down tone becuase maybe I was speaking above their intellect: Night drop box, has lock, I have no key, can not make drop. You think they would get it right?
A day passes and I am at the mall and I recieve a fax, it's from my manager. What is it you ask? Well, it's a write up sheet with my name on it, why, becuase I did not make the night deposite - drop... What? Well, what I really said can not be published here so, what? is what I will pretend I said [ I hate my job...]

Of course, my coward of a manager calls me an hour latter to see if I recieved the fax and to ask me if it was ok if I fax it back to him... What I wanted to do was stab him in the eye with my pen [ hence the funny comic ], my response - no, I will never sign that. Which in turn he asked me all surprised "why not?". I told him plainly - I do not have a key to the night drop box, how can I make the drop? Why would I agree to signing this form if it was not my fualt and you knew that I had no key and did or said nothing about it. His response, "Oh well, I know... But the owner wants me to write you up."

Now I know what you're thinking: were'nt you afraid of losing your job. No, this is my second job, not my primary place of employement [ God I hate my job, this job, my second job...]

funny silly joke imagesSo back to my story: What did I say,simple: "I'm sorry but I am not signing it..."
I don't know if I will have this job next week, I haven't seen the new schedual. But it does feel good to tell the idiot in charge - "shove it"... and that is the true story behind my I "hate my job funny comic", hope you enjoyed it.
Update: second employee to quick with in last three weeks - I am still working and manager almost begged me to work extra days. Karma is a *%&$#@! ?????

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