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How to solve any problem - funny

How to "Solve any Problem"

This is awsome, I plan to use this "Problem solving solution" every day of my life. After all, some days it doesn't matter how hard I try to get things right [ You know ] ... "You didn't buy the right kind" ... "Sorry honey...." Murmur, murmur under my breath.
Or... "Hey Honey what did you do to my ..."

I admit it I make mistakes - so this will really help me out.

funny problem solution yuthink

How do you solve your problems?
How do you cover up a "Mistake"?
How do you deal with a situation that will cuase you grief?
What problem solving skills do you have?

And does it matter? Becuase with my significant other - it doesn't matter what excuse I use - I am always in the wrong... I don't feel the love.

The funny thing is I wish my children would learn any kind of problem solving skills - like most kids, thier idea of solving a problems starts with... tears, hysteria, and screams...

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