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Schools teacher has wrong choice of word - joke

schools teacher
Schools teacher have it hard now a days. Bad timing and bad choice of words, or is it a play on words that went wrong in a class room experiment.

A teacher explains why it can be funny or embarassing on the choice of word you use in today's class room. Children are not the same, from the children teachers tuaght 5, 10 and especially 20 years ago.

The embarassing schools teacher moment:
The class was doing an experiment where the students had to create elements using all sorts of materials that you mushed together onto clay. One particular student had trouble getting his particles to form and create this "element" - so the teacher walks up to him and innocently explians:

" Micheal, it's not working becuase your balls are to small."

The class full of fifth graders broke out into a histerical group laugh. It took her [ the schools teacher ] a few seconds to realize where the childrens mind had automatically focused on - Balls, small balls to be percise.

schools teacher jokesOfcourse the teacher was refering to the size of the clay mound in a circular sphere that needed to be created to mash all the other materials to create this element [ clay model of element ].

It's funny, you never know what can happen in a class room - but you certainly don't expect to have to worry about every word you use for fear of being mis-interpreted. Being a schools teacher in todays world is an adventure college does not prepare you for.

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