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Family camping Vacation, it's cheap & fun - Kathryn Abby Hana Park

Family Vacation, best camping, it's cheap but Fun

The best family vacation: camping also is the "cheap" way to go. As I have stated before, the best and cheapest way to have a vacation with your family [ if you really want to bond with your family ] is to go camping. Camping is the way to go, personally I have fallen in love with Kelly Park in Apopka Florida - it's a camping site with a lazy river that is fun for everyone. But ofcourse my wife wanted something different, new, interesting this year [ sounds like trouble to me ].

cheap family florida campingSo we did the research, we went online and started looking into all our options – this is where I got the idea for one of my blog post: Top ten camping campgrounds in Florida .

Where did we end up .... Kathryn Abby Hanna Park.

I being one who does not like change - after all, if it ain't broken, why fix it. But she wanted something new and she wanted to go to this special camp site. She was sold on the camp having an ice cream shop, a bike rental, a boat rental, and especially the fact that it had a beach [ ocean water, she loves the ocean - all I could think was: drown or shark attack, which one would kill me? ]

best family caping vacationBut for the love of the family [ and to preserve my sanity ] we packed up our gear, bought enough food to feed an army and got all the family together. In total it was a group of six adults and five children. This was a recipe for disaster - so I tried to plan ahead. The reason I bought food for an army was because I was taking advantage of our local grocery store deals. As I had mentioned in a prior blog post - I love deals, I especially love the "buy one get one" free deals. I figured that it would - One: save me money feeding a total of eleven people. Second: since I've never been at this campground before, I didn't know what to expect - so better to be ready and safe, rather than sorry.

First, before I continue: I admit I had fun and it was a great place to camp. It fulfilled all of my top qualifications for a great cheap family camping vacation. They had an extremely large camp site with several trails to hike and bike. I really enjoyed myself so much - but before I give away too much I want to share with you my camping emails. Yes emails.

You see, I had planned to share with you my camping experience. So every time I had a free moment I tried to send my thoughts, feelings, reactions in an email I would send myself. So I am going to try to comprise all my emails in an easy to read format that will make sense of all of my thoughts during my camping vacation when I found myself with a funny camping moment, fact, camping adventure and more. So here we go....

On our way, beginning our family vacation camping trip

cheap family camping vacationI have to bite down hard because our trip to Kelly Park Apopka Florida camping site is only about three hours away, this camp site is in Jacksonville Florida, about five long hours away from home.

Still on US 27 heading north, 30 minutes away from US 95 and it starts to rain. So far the trip only had one hiccup, some kind of traffic problem... We literally had to jump a large medium in order to turn around and take an alternate route. Currently 12:04 pm... Getting hungry and everyone in my car is talking about food... Stomach is grumbling....

( No, I was not on my cell and driving - every time traffic stopped for more than 2 minutes I wrote my email...)

Kathryn Abby Hanna Park - let's start our camping vacation.. uh?

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