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Find best names for Baby in Sci Fi show?

Find best names for Baby in Sci Fi show?

Baby Names?
How to get & find best baby names ever - Pinterest it? What, yeah - or take it from a popular TV show like I did. That is right, when faced with the big question "what to name my baby girl or baby boy" - forget that this name will follow them thru elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond - just be creative. Or if you can't handle the stress - do what I did, I named my daughter after a Deep Space Nine Star Trek character.... Keira Nyresse.

That's right I admit it, I was a big Trek fan, what of it?

find best name for babyNo seriously, I did. I bring it up because I just got into Pinterest [ it only took forever to join, had to ask to join and then when I was invited - it took three weeks for them to open my account ? ].

But like I was saying, I was getting to know Pinterest and I decided to "Pin" a very funny picture [ at least in my mind ] that I saw at a wordpress blog [ see picture "Hello my name" above - link to pininterest can be found below ].

It was an interesting blog, they were pretty sure what they were going to name the baby if it was a boy - but had no clue what to name it if it was a girl. But the picture - oh, the picture it just made me luagh because it reminded me of when my daughter was about to be born. We could not agree on what to name our baby girl, yes we knew it was going to be a girl [ Mom could not wait, spoiled the surprise for me....].

We spent days and even almost broke out into arguments [ women they can get so emotional when pregnant you know ].

find best baby namesWe were not going to call her by any of our mothers or family member names - we could both agree on that. We wanted something different, certainly didn't want another "Maria" running around the house, we had more than enough people in our family and that we knew that went by that name. No, it had to be different, but this baby name had to be special and boy did my wife come up with special names [ no will not mention them here].

Ofcourse I fell in love with "Keira-Nyresse", what baby girl did not want that as a name - who cared if it was the name of a female character in a sci-fic Star Trek TV show. Ofcourse it took some coasting on my part to convince my wife that the name was beautiful and unique. She finally came around to the idea and it was settled... the big selling point was the fact that this name had to be unique, no one else would have it... right?

Well, it took a couple of years and soon I saw the name Keira everywhere - but at least no one else has Keira Nyresse. My daughter sometimes doesn't like to be called by her full name, why? Because my family is mostly Spanish and when you say Nyresse - with a Spanish accent it sounds like your saying nose in Spanish.... go figure?

find best baby nameSo when and if you are ever faced with trying to find the best baby name ever - think about these two things:

1- a television show can be a great source of inspiration to naming your child and or to find a baby name.

2- consider the many different aspects of a name, like what it means and even what it might sound like in a different accent.

I love my little nose, I mean daughter..... LOL [ you know just in case she reads this.

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