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Extreme Fishing - forget Monster Fish

Extreme Fishing - forget Monster Fish

When you hear the words "Extreme Fishing" you usually think about a few things:

extreme fishing y u think1- Monster fish / giant huge fish.

2- Hot girl [women] with huge or large exotic fish [ if your a guy ].

3- Exotic large fish you never dreamed existed - monster or prehistoric fish.

But as I pondered trying what I call real fishing, you know that latent desire to catch that elusive Moby dick. Uhm, I mean really huge fish like an Alaskan Halibut or something wild like that huge bluefin. As I did some research I ran into some interesting truly extreme fishing. These people take their fishing serious - extremely serious, so much so that they do what is ever possible to make that great catch.

Here are some of the extreme fishing I found and honestly - will never think of trying.

exreme fishing yuthink One of the most iconic scenes your bound to see in Sri Lanka is stilt fishing. They spend hours sitting on a thin plank, hoping to catch one or two fish about 5 cm-long, that they sell for about 2 cents each. Stilt fishing is a traditional means of earning a livelihood in the area and each stilt is a prized possession handed down from generation to generation.
Pic: Sri Lankan fishermen wait to catch fish as they sit atop stilts in Ahangama, 180km (112 miles) south of Colombo, October 8, 2009. REUTERS/Carlos Barria (SRI LANKA)...

extreme fishing yuthink How far would you go to catch your fish? Well, apparently this man built himself a cable car across very troubled seas [ not lake mind you - seas .... ] to catch some lobster - Talk about "extreme Fishing". Fisherman Siswanto rides on a self-built wooden cable car, created by himself, to cross the sea at Timang beach in Gunung Kidul, near the ancient city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 19 April 2012. Siswanto crosses between rocks to catch lobsters.
It seems that catching lobster from the cliff of a mountian as many others do in Indonesia is not good enough for Siswanto? Picture taken April 19, 2012. REUTERS/Dwi Oblo (INDONESIA)...

extreme fishing yuthink This one, just through me off completely. It's bad enough its cold, the lake is frozen over - but your digging a hole in ice with a rock and a stick? Oh, did anyone think to bring other supplies? What happens if the ice cracks and you all fall in?
[ Pic } Fishermen use a stick and a rock to make a hole in the ice covering a lake on a cold, winter day in central Beijing December 19, 2010. REUTERS/David Gray (CHINA )

But here is my favorite extreme fishing pic: This guy jumps off the side of a cliff with a spear in one hand and his life in the other in order to spear a fish. Hell - wouldn't be ablt to see the fish from that distance much less spear it as I jump head first into the water.....

funny extreme fishing

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