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More funny pictures, images of children

More funny, silly pictures & images of children
Please don't be offended - it's all in fun. Live laugh and avoid any cameras you see.... LOL.

Just look at that scared funny face.... Mom, do something come'on....
funny silly images and pictures

funny pictures images children

Well it may sound funny and strange - but your never too young to worry about your health..... You go man lift those weights, give me three sets of 10. Feel da burn man, feel it..

You have to be kidding right, this one is obvious - "GOT MILK"?
funny pictures of children images

Keep your Ipad, Ipod and your Face Book - we're too busy living....
fun funny children having fun

Sometimes we are so busy being busy that we forget to stop and smell the roses. We forget to laugh, to enjoy the short life we have, the simple pleasures in life. I hope you took this moment [ and blog post... ] to do just that. Crack a smile, let it out and luagh at that picture.... that was funny and you know it.

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