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Homemade Hamburgers - fun mini Burgers

Homemade Hamburgers - fun mini Burgers

Ok, you saw my wonderful post about the best Hamburger ever, and now I have the "Homemade Hamburgers" fun mini blog post. Ok, I am stuck on burgers!

homemade hamburgers mini It was Saturday morning and I decided to have a fun filled day with the family. What says more fun, or can create a happy fun fill atmosphere than - yes, FOOD. I figured with all my free time, 5 weeks of free vacation time, that I should spend some extra time with the family having fun. After all, I have so much to spare [ unlike my wife who has to work.... I quietly giggle deep down inside ].

So Friday I did some grocery shopping - and decided I, no we, were going to make mini hamburgers. Yeah, let’s get the grill, stoke the fire and get a cooking people.
I had seen several blogs about friends and family coming together to cook. They are all in the kitchen working together to make a wonderful meal. I wanted that. That's right, I wanted to get together with no distractions, no hassles, just us laughing as we build a family bonding moment and memory.

homemade hamburgers miniOfcourse, my family being who they are, let’s just say there were a few snags: wife wants to run the show when I already had a plan and a vision. The daughter was willing to help but didn't want to receive helpful instructions from mom [ that’s why the fries were a bit.... uhm, special?...] and the son, well he just wanted to play and get all the attention - him I put to set the table, which I did mostly myself.

mini hamburgers homemadeBut I have to say, even with some of the headaches, when we sat down to eat those homemade hamburgers, with the music playing in the background - we talked, the food was great, if I don't say so myself, and the time was special. My wife had to admit that the mini burgers tasted great, even if it's not how she would have made them. The kids talked, laughed and said that the mini hamburgers tasted great. I guess what matters most is that we spent time together, enjoying each other’s company as we shared a wonder meal.

My recipe: well...

mini homemade hamburgers2 packs of ground beef
Turkey Beacon
any Bread of your choice *I used some sandwich bread cut in half – see pic
and your choice of seasonings, plus 1 onion
I cooked the beacon [ full pack ] cut in half
[ one half was for strips on top of burger the other was crumbled up ]
Season meat and mixed in crumpled beacon and chopped onions.
Toasted the bread and made some french fries.
Sautéed some onion as a topping
made a salad and some of that went to top the burger

Then the kids grabbed some other condiments in the frig and everyone built their mini burger to their liking.

That’s the basics of my recipe.

homemade hamburgersTo me it's more about experimenting, playing and having fun with it. I must say though - it was fun mixing the beef and physically handling the meat to make the shape - my wife said I made the mini burgers so thick that they almost resembled large meat balls...... Hey, it was my hamburger and mine to shape as I so desired. Just cause I said I was making mini burgers, I didn't mean they would be small.

hamburgers homemade
My son, everything taste better with Katchup......


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