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Book about children and Money- why?

I had a friend ask me why I wrote a book for children that dealt with money. Especially considering the current atmosphere we’re in where so many people seem to dislike and even some what hate the rich & successful.

That is a good question. But I think I have a satisfactory answer.
First let me say this, the book is not about only making money.

With that said: despite everyone’s apparent dislike for rich successful people, millions of people play the lotto every week, even twice a week. Why do people play? They play because they want to be rich. They desire to be that one percent.

Why do people play scratch off games, gamble, play sweepstake games and even play bingo? They play all these games and more in order to win large sums of money. So let us first put aside the idea that people in general dislike or hate rich people. What people dislike and hate is that they don’t have this money – that they are not rich.

So what I am trying to do in this book is to motivate children to not only learn, but to desire to learn. I want them to be motivated by the desire for success to seek knowledge, to think about planning for the future and so much more. Children need to learn about choices, consequences, decision making and several other skills that will help them succeed in any aspect of life.

The only reason I mention ‘how to become rich’ in my book is because like it or not, everyone associates success with money. Also as I mentioned earlier, everyone is seeking to make money, to become rich as it were. I know that there are people that say they have no desire to become rich, but in truth, if they had a way to make more money they would do it. The reality is that what people do not want is the stigma that goes along with being successful – being considered the evil greedy one percent.

What if we just put aside the idea of being a greedy evil ‘one percenter’ aside and simply think about teaching children the skills they need to do well in school, to succeed in life and to allow them to decide how far they really want to go. We are always talking about how important education is, but what are we teaching our children, the next great generation. These kids know more about facebook than they know about reading and math.

As a parent, all I ever wanted for my children was a better life. All I want is for them to do and to soar to their highest heights. We tell our children to dream big, that nothing is impossible – and in this book I give my children a few tips in order to do so.

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