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Fun days, Sand Castle's and Dreams

Sand Castle’s, Dreams and Funny Days

Having fun in the sun where dreams and sand castles abound. It was a beautiful start to a new year; the temperature was about 65 degrees, as the suns brightly shun high in the sky. The family enjoys the blue ocean water, even if I did not – not a fan of freezing cool water.

I watched my children play in the ocean, play with the sand and I myself was entertained by the young man you was making elaborate sand castles just a few feet from where I sat. I couldn’t help but be oddly amazed by his work and the pleasantness of this young man as children, including my own child and nieces who wanted to ‘so call’ help.

sand castle fun

I couldn’t help it; I just had to go up and ask him if he was in some competition or preparing for a competition or was all this hard work for fun? I introduced myself and he told me his name was Rob. I overheard him say to another ‘inquiring mind’ that he was just visiting and was from Michigan. When I asked him why he was making the sand castles, for fun or competition, he replied – just for fun.

At first I thought that maybe he was a bit ‘ODD’ to put it nicely. Why would he go through all this work just for fun? But then I remembered that I do things just for fun – take for instance my blog I am not being paid to do this, I write and maintain this blog, with all the effort and hardship that comes along with it – for my own pleasure (and for you the readers).

sand castle fun dreams

But then I found out the truth. This young man is not odd at all, he is actually a genius. On the other side of this elaborate sand castle sculpture was a small handmade billboard in the sand: Paletta channel on You Tube ( This young man was actually promoting his YouTube site and his other ventures. It was very interesting to see him interact with the many people who stopped to take pictures of his sand creation. I couldn’t help but admire him. It was a simple but ingenious idea.

This young man had worked on this sand castle for two days and at around 4 pm he was taking pictures of his castle and even made a small video clip for the ‘you tube’ channel. I had never seen one of these die hard you tube channel ‘stars’ in action before. Sadly enough when he was gone several children, including my own, starting… uhm, let’s just say: improving on his work. What really made me laugh was how people who were still passing by would ask these children “Did you build all of this?” and they would reply – “yes we did”. I wasn’t sure what was funnier, the fact that they lied trying to get fame, or the people who seemed to believe them.

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sand castle dreams

sand castle dreams

siesta restuarant sand castle dream

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Cityencounters said...

Great story! The sandcastle looked really cool--I love how your kids took credit for it. I am so jealous you were on the beach. I spent my holiday in freezing cold Montreal--it was romantic, but snow was everywhere!

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