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FIVE GUYS hamburger & fries: Review

Review of: Five Guys hanburgers & fries

“Five Guys – we just have to go dad, it’s the best” screams out the daughter from the back seat.

“Yeah honey I hear it’s great. We have to try it” the wife chimes in.
The son, he doesn’t care where we go, he just wants to eat. Me, I want to go home but why not – let’s make the family happy , spend some time together and maybe I will get a great experience I can blog about (I thought to myself).

So what happened?
How did it go?
Was it all that cracked up to be?

Well, let me start off with – it’s a good burger. I had the large (which basically means two beef patties – the small comes only with one) with sautéed onions, lettuce, tomato, and beacon with A1 sauce.  I like the idea that it is all cooked in peanut oil to help with cholesterol (considering what I am eating). The idea that you pay one price and add all the toppings you want sounds good but the price (I am sure) already factors in the topping – so I wouldn’t say you saving anything. And a large fries can cover about 3 to 4 people.
I have to say the burger was good, not the best I’ve ever had – which was a bit disappointing because as you walk in the walls are covered in promotions stating that they have been voted the best burger in 2009, 2010 and 2012. They have all these posters with quotes “best burger in Orlando” or “voted best burger in Florida by….”

So I don’t know if it was the stunning review my daughter gave me or the over kill promotions on the walls – but the burger was just good to me.  It may be more to you but for me – it was good, nothing out of this world.

If you like a messy burger, this is the place for you. The minute I unwrapped my burger it started falling apart. If greasy is your thing – this is the place for you as well. Felt bad for a couple of well dressed individuals who walked in the door (better work hard on staying clean guys).

I have to admit – I love McD’s fries, I can’t help it. So I am sorry to say that the fries jammed into a large cup and that spills into the rest of the brown common bag they give you your order in – does not impress me. I especially didn’t like when the wife said that they had no BQ sauce – I always eat my fries with BQ sauce.
The atmosphere, well – while most fast food joints are trying to look upscale, Five Guys is fine with looking like a cafeteria (see pic below). It was not a large place and finding a table to eat at, let’s just say, I got lucky.

The one thing that did suit the place and I liked above all – was the free peanuts ( free as in relatively speaking because I am sure it’s baked into the price). I walked in, got on line and grabbed a paper bowl full of peanuts, in fact, I enjoyed the peanuts more than I did the fries, check out the picture.

I will say this: want a good burger with the toppings you like and home-style fries with a free refill drink – Five Guys is the place for you to go. It’s a nice place, the kids might like it but don’t look to save money here. My father-in0law said he spent $30 dollars for him and his wife. I am not sure what he ordered but I spent a bit more over $30 dollars and I only order 3 drinks, 1 large fries and 4 burgers. That is more than what I spend at McDonalds.
Another tip: don’t expect a large selection of options on the current menu – hamburgers, hotdogs and cheese sandwich is all I saw.

1 comment:

Nubia DuVall Wilson said...

There is a five guys in my town and I went for the first time right around the time that I got pregnant, I was craving a burger and had never been! I rarely go to fast food places but I really enjoyed the experience there. I think the best burger I've had is at Shake Shack in NYC, but I don't think they have expanded to FL yet!

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