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Funny face makes me feel better: silly son

Having a bad - funny face makes me feel alot better.

Having a bad day? Well just remember this: no matter how bad you think it is, someone out there has it worst than you.  Ok so it's not grammatically correct or poetic in how it sounds - but it's true.
Which brings me to a ‘thought of the day’ quote I read today at school.

"I had no shoes and complained, until I saw a man who had no feet."

funny silly imageSometimes it is all about perspective and perception. Like today - I was feeling a bit low, a bit down on the dumps and then I ran across a picture of my son: I couldn't help but laugh! He had two loose teeth (tooth) and was at his flag football practice. He was doing a very good job of giving it his all when it happened - he ran straight into a kid that had his head down. It took of a two seconds and both of them were on the ground screaming.

The kid my son was supposed to be blocking decided to run full into him with his head down. Since he was unable to see where he was goi9ng he slammed right into my sons face head first full force.  That hurt, in fact I felt pain just watching it - but even with all that my little man was strong - that is until he noticed the blood from his missing teeth.

But like I was saying: when you’re feeling down, like nothing is going your way - it's easy to complain. It's just a natural habit to sit back and have a pity party. That is until you see someone else who is or has it even harder than you do. Life is one long procession of challenges, hardships and trials - but instead of giving up: I decided to remember that things can be worse.
So in honor of overcoming "self pity" I took my sons picture and put it on a mug.

Yep, nothing like having my sons face, missing teeth and all - too remind me to be positive about my circumstances. And just in case you want to help with his college fund: please, feel free to buy a hug of my son’s funny scared face.

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