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What would you do - for 5 minutes of fame

What would you do for five minutes of fame?

Funny, I spend way too much time trying to come up with ways to build traffic to my blog by coming up with interesting stories about my life, my children and the strange or funny things I see online. But this pictures reminds me that "I do have a limit".

What would you do? How far would you go to get 5 minutes worth of fame?

Apparently this guy thinks its worth a possible life time of embarassment - after all, nothing every goes away once it has been uploaded to the internet.

So I ask you: was this a smart idea?

funny smurf fame image

His name has been withheld due to my decision to helping him keep some of his dignity......

1 comment:

Nubia DuVall Wilson said...

Hmmm..papa smurf needs to go back to the drawing board I think!

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