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3 Gifted and Talented Children who invent

Three very gifted and talented children who have created some interesting inventions! I always get a kick out of reading some of these stories because it’s proof that children are far more capable than what we think. With the right motivation and help – the future is an open road of possibilities.

K-K Gregory

has also sought to make life a little more pleasant. At the ripe age of ten, she invented Wristies¨ to keep freezing snow out of her coat sleeves. K-K's Wristies can be worn under mittens or gloves. Fingers are free and cuffs stay dry. Her samples were such a hit with her Girl Scout Troop that she brought her design to a patent attorney. The result? Nine years in business and going strong.

Kelly Reinhart

was another kid in need of practical solutions. She designed Thigh Packs at age six. The Thigh Pack is a holster for carrying kid's necessities, like portable video games. By age nine, she was chairperson of TPak International, a company with nearly $1 million in orders. Improvements and patenting followed. Plans have been discussed with Pentagon officials to see if the packs could be used by the military.

Kavita Shukla

had two patents (Smart Lid and Fenugreek-treated paper) and a company of her own by the time she finished high school. At 13, she invented a lab safety device for bottles containing hazardous material. She patented her "Smart Lid," which is still used. Shortly afterwards, Kavita accidentally drank contaminated water on a trip to India to visit her grandmother. Her grandmother's home remedy made from fenugreek seeds prevented Shukla from getting ill. The seeds that saved her inspired Kavita to develop packaging paper treated with fenugreek. The paper's purpose? To preserve and protect food. She is the cofounder and CEO of SAFEH2O

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