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Scientists admit: Extinct turtle never existed in the first place

This is what I love about science… I should say scientist. They act like they know it all – no one can say they are wrong because oh God forbid, they are never wrong. Funny I should mention God, since most scientists don’t believe in God.
I say this because I find it funny that a scientist can find a small broken piece of bone and tell you what animal it is, how many years it has been dead and what color skin or fur it even has. In fact they can even tell you what the animal ate for lunch the day it died 1 million years ago. And they tell you all this with a straight face – and don’t question them, because they would call you a fool. But sometimes, sometimes it slips out that scientist are, well – human. They make mistakes, they don’t know it all and yeah – they’re not God.

Extinct turtle never existed in the first place, scientists admit
It’s like the government telling you that Oswald really didn’t act alone, or that Martians actually landed at Roswell, or, well, just brace yourself. You know that Seychelles freshwater turtle that scientists have been saying was extinct all these years? Now they’re saying it never existed. In the journal PloS One, Austrian and German scientists claim genetic comparisons revealed the turtle to be the same as a West African variety, and that three dried museum specimens were wrongly labeled. Can you beat that? Despite searches, no live specimens were ever found, so the turtle that didn’t exist was declared extinct in 2003. So, for turtle lovers, it’s a happy day. Sort of.


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