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Funny: who is up for a burn?

Funny: Who is up for a burn?

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It’s the week end and it is time to distress, unwind and relax – so what do we do: make plans to get a nice crispy burn. I love making fun of friends and family who come back from frolicking in the sun with a nice reddish crispy look to them. Personally, if you know me – the sun and I are not friends. I hate getting sun burn; I hate it not because of the possibility of skin cancer or all the other health reasons like aging skin. But simply because I dislike being cooked, baked, and that uncomfortable pain one has to endure as you wait to recover from that oh so not nice tan (red burn) people seek after.

Look, I am Hispanic and I am fair skinned and sort of look white (some people say I look jewish, Indian and even Mexican) but me and my self – I am comfortable with my shin, in my skin and I have no desire to be a bronzed god – I mean have the color of a bronze god (..LOL).

So what does the family want to do – go to the beach, get some sun, come home miserable from having been over exposed to the harmful rays of the sun – but hey, I guess people love to suffer.

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