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Food: perfect item to fence on black market

Food may be the perfect item to fence on the black market. After all, a hunk of cheese doesn't carry the type of high-tech tracking equipment often loaded in electronics.

Who would have thought - the hamberglur is actually a true criminal master mind - people are actually stealing, high jacking large amounts of food items. I have seen (only in movies) how criminals in the mob would highjack trucks filled with electronics, cigarettes and even furniture - but food - this is different.

I guess with the price of food continuing to grow making it expensive for regular people to buy - criminals must think that "food" must be a highly desired commodity. Don't believe me - check out the reports below.

The 21-ton cheese theft. In March, an Illinois man was charged with stealing $200,000 worth of Muenster cheese from Wisconsin. Authorities claim he provided false paperwork to a distributor, allowing him to load 42,000 pounds into his 18-wheeler. He was supposedly planning to fence the cheese to retailers on the East Coast.

Boosted juice.
In early May, a thief impersonated a delivery driver and drove off with $153,000 worth of gourmet juices. The juices are made by BluePrint, which the New York Post says sell for $10 apiece on average and are said to cleanse your insides.

Nutella's $20,000 swipe.
Culprits stole five tons of Nutella from the German town of Bad Hersfeld in April. The missing chocolate-hazelnut spread is valued at $20,700, according to CBC News.

Soup. A tractor loaded with $75,000 worth of Campbell's soup was stolen in April from a Florida truck stop, according to the Sun Sentinel. The police tracked down the shipment using the truck's GPS signal and arrested an Orlando man.

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