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I surprised a teacher - bribe children?

My kid is not perfect, I and my wife are not perfect parents – but I want, I desire a better future for my children and I believe most parents feel the same way. And it makes me feel good when I see the subtle positive changes in my children.

I surprised a Teacher today.

As I walked across the school campus a former fifth grader in daycare came up to me and gave me a hug. I asked her what she was doing and she quickly said: nothing, I’m bored. So I broke out the speech I give my own children with a twist, I asked her: Is this not a school? Practice your math, read a book, keep your brain active. This quickly prompted the teacher standing near us to say: Yes, why not read a book that is on your summer reading book list? The young girl gave her this – are you crazy look.

I quickly reacted by explaining to my young friend that my nine year old son has been practicing his math everyday this summer – why, because I bribe him, no video games, TV, nothing if he doesn’t complete the math practice sheets I give him. The girl gave me this funny look and said: I’ll try to find something to read.

The teacher pulled me aside and asked me how old was my son and what school he went to. I explained to her that I have conditioned my boy to want to learn – how do I know: this morning on my way out the door he asked me for the practice math sheets that I had forgotten to give him. Her response: wow… that is good.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but every kid needs a parent that will push, motivate, excite and if need be – demand excellence.

Don’t get me wrong, it sounds easy but it’s not – that is why I take it seriously, because if I falter, all that hard work goes down the drain.
The funny thing is, my older daughter was getting a bit jealous about the “extra attention” I was giving my son with math that she asked me to do the same for her – kids.

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Nubia DuVall Wilson said...

Bravo! My mother did the same for me in the summer and my friends thought it was crazy but I didn't mind. It kept my math and reading skills up. So kudos to you for keeping your son's brain active when most kids are "bored" and take the summer off mentally!

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