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Education does not gauranttee Success - you do!

Education does not guarantee you will be rich!

Let’s face it – especially in our day an age people can become rich for just about any reason. Invent a new social site, a video game, become a socialite and you can become wealthy. Education does not guarantee success and riches. But what it does do is build the tools, skills and the mind necessary to become successful, stay successful and to build an all around intelligent person who will do more in life.

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Look Kim Kardashian may be famous and considered rich – but let’s face it: her looks will only last her so long. But with that said, she is a smart person, who has taken full advantage of her popularity and has done much with it. But again – there are millions of beautiful people out there who are not rich – Kim is just one of the lucky few.

So is Education important?

10 famous school dropouts:
1. Princess Diana dropped out of school at 16.
2. Thomas Edison whose inventions included the electric light globe: He got a late start in his schooling following an illness and then dropped out after only three months of formal education.
3. Benjamin Franklin who wore many hats from being politician, diplomat, author, printer, publisher, scientist, inventor, founding father, and coauthor and cosigner of the Declaration of Independence. He dropped out of school at age 10.
4. Bill Gates, the co-founder of the software giant Microsoft and ranked as the richest person in the world for a number of years, dropped out of Harvard.
5. Albert Einstein dropped out of high school at age 15.
6. Walt Disney dropped out of high school at age 16.
7. Richard Branson, suffering from dyslexia meant Branson was a poor student - he quit school at age 16.
8. Colonel Sanders founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (now KFC) was forced out of school at a young age to work when his father died. Charles Dickens left school at age 12.
9. Ringo Starr missed a lot of school due to illness and then dropped out after his last visit to hospital at age 15. He was barely able to read or write.

Hard work, charisma, drive, natural talent, and luck are all factors that can help individuals overcome a lack of education. However, note many of these people did return to various forms of higher education later in life.

Because (some) people have become successful with little or no formal education does not mean that education is not necessary for success. For every one non-educated successful person there are 100’s of thousands of people with no future or hope.

My point: self-determination, experience and self-education are the key to success.

In every aspect of life there is a bit of luck – hell, I count it lucky that God allowed me to wake up this morning. But luck is not everything and we cannot allow ourselves to believe that the reason we, you or I are not successful is because of bad luck, poor timing or even of a lack of education. If we do, all we are doing is playing the blame game: it is everyone else’ fault that I have failed in ….. this, that and the other.

Success comes in many shapes, sizes and forms – it can also happen quickly or it can take a life time to achieve. The key is that we should desire to continue to seek it. Through continued self education, with a desire to learn and to never give up so easily on our dreams – to take calculated risk, we can achieve much. Success could be waiting for you just around the corner.

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