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Funny old man - I want to be him.

Funny old man – I want to be him.

I was gathered around with a group of family and friends helping a new local business get started in the neighborhood. Times are tough and smart businesses understand that they have to work with the community if they want to succeed in this economy.

funny old man joke silly
So here we were getting to know the owner, listening to him express what his vision and dream is for the local business: a new restaurant called BBQ Topia. He explained how he wanted it to be a community restaurant where people could come eat good southern cooked food, listen to live band music and that it could connect with the community by being open to community organizations that may want to hold events at the restaurant.

It was a very interesting time, but the fun didn’t start until an older gentlemen found the owners authentic Mexican hat. This guy puts on the hat and starts dancing – now please, don’t jump the gun, don’t get offended, so please leave the politically sensitive attitude at the door: the guy was just having a bit of fun.

What struck me was, his attitude – he didn’t care what others thought, he just wanted to make people laugh and to have a good time. I remember those days as a kid when all that mattered was having fun. You know, before I became a teenager and I was too embarrassed to do spur of the moment antics because I had to protect my image. Or before I became an adult and it was not considered proper to crack a good joke because – hey, adults don’t do that or this is not the time. My favorite excuse for why we can’t have fun as adults is: because someone will get offended.

I think the only good thing about getting old, aside from the pain, aches and the wrinkles – it’s that you don’t have to be worried about your image. You don’t have to care about what people think, who cares – it’s not like you have long to live any way (live long and prosper – right, more like lived too long might as well laugh on the way out). But hey that’s just me.

After all I know a lot of old grumpy people who still walk around like they have a stick up ........

All I am saying is: I love to laugh; I love to joke around and have a good time. But way too many people take everything way too seriously. At least when I am old and I make an inappropriate joke, I can laugh and blame it on dementia or something like that.

....oh I’m sorry. Was that too much?

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