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Funny – You’re “Fired” over Face Time – WT???

Funny – You’re “Fired” over Face Time – WT???

Now I have seen it all – my Buddy was fired not by email, over the phone or by snail mail but while on Face Time on her Iphone? Wow, how technology has truly changed our lives. It’s bad enough to get the axe – but to be fired by your boss over Face Time on your Iphone. I am pretty sure that Steve Jobs was probably the first to do this – may be Donald Trump needing to spice of his lagging rating could use this idea: You can win a prize to be the one to fire the Celebrity apprentice. All you need is face time.... ready set go: You’re Fired!

Here is how I found out and to make it interesting I will show you the conversation we had over instant messaging on Face Book – oh how we love technology.

funny silly fired by bose over face time

funny joke facetime fired

silly funny fired joke on facetime

I guess the Boss was afraid to see her face to face but didn't want it to be too impersonal.... LoL

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