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Teacher Appreciation – Fred Wild and Office Max

Teacher Appreciation – Fred Wild and Office Max

a day made better office maxSometimes all it takes to change how a day is going – is to have someone show a little bit of appreciation for all the work you do. Today was that kind of a day for one lucky elementary school teacher at Fred Wild Elementary in Sebring, Fl.

The last few years Office Max has been hosting an “A Day Made Better” appreciation day for teachers. I was fortunate enough to be there last year when they presented this honor to Mrs. Hood at Memorial Elementary and this year I was present when Office Max presented Mrs. Cooper with this honor.

A day made better, is geared toward helping teachers supply the needs of their class room. Many teachers pull out money from their own pockets to fill the needs (short supplies) of their class room. So Office Max created this program to honor one teacher every year with this bounty of wonderful electronic and (student) class room supplies.

fred wild office max a day made better
I have to admit I was a bit jealous to see that she received a kindle fire (oh I wish I could have gotten one) but I must honestly say – it was a joy to see her surprise when we walked up with the large box of goodies. Talk about excited, for a minute there I thought she was going to pass out. We were all very happy for her, it felt a bit like Christmas in July - I mean September.

I wish we could do this for so many other good teachers who spend all year working hard, giving up more than their required time and paying out of their own pockets for things they need in the classroom. I would like to say: congratulations Mrs. Cooper – you deserve it! I would also like to say thank you. Thank you to all the dedicated hard working teachers who are out there. Without you, school would be a very sad place indeed.

I would also like to thank Office Max for "A Day Made Better".

fred wild elementary highlands

fred wild office max appreciation
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