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What we do for FUN - duct Tape Mr Tunning (see video)

How to motivate children? Well you bribe them with something crazy Fun. We had a fundraiser going on in our school and one of the prizes we had if the students reached their fundraising goal was to - drum roll please...... You Duct Tape Assistant Principal Mr. Tunning to a Pole.

You have to admit it was a grand motivator - the kids worked real hard to reach their goals and by golly they did that and so much more. It was truly an inspiring site to see how all the kids pulled together, how they motivating each other and how they challenged each other to do more.

I have to say, I was just as excited as the kids were on the day of the event. The school was buzzing with excitement – the air was super charge and it was a wonderful sunny but cool day. Assistant Principal Tunning had his entire family there to root the kids on (personally I was a bit concern – what if his little girl would have thought that duct tapping her dad to a pole was dangerous – or that it would hurt him?) Luckily the family was in good spirits and his children had a blast.

I myself had three cameras going – I had several people taking pictures as I recorded as much as I could on video. It was hard trying not to laugh – I didn’t want my voice coming out on video. Of course as you can tell by the video there was no lack of noise.

All in all in was a good start to a Friday morning and an awesome way to start a three day week end for me. Sometimes working in a school, being involved in a local school – helping children, motivating children, seeing them laugh, it does wonders for you.

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