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Skydiving joke fun great pictures.

Joke, funny or Crazy... What do you do when you want to celebrate your birthday - well, you jump out of a perfectly good airplane of course. Or at least that is what one of my friends did.
This is what I would have been thinking - but this is just me.

 Wow! we are going to have so much fun - we Rock!!
OMG! Am I really going through with it?
I guess I might as well go I did pay for this...
 Holy Crap! How high are we?

 Wait I'm not ready, wait....
I do not want ....
 to DIE .. ieieiei
 This is my hysterical face ..
 Uh .... when do we open the shoot?
When? Hello!
 Oh, thank you Jesus!
Get me out of this this now!
(Proceeds to kiss ground and vomit..)

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