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Funny Dad with logical reasons

I am a funny Dad for a logical reason...

Growing up without a father and watching my mother do her best to raise us all – seven children by the way, all on her own, it breed in me a deep need to be the best father, parent and husband I could be. Now I am not saying I am the best, my wife I am sure can come up with a few complaints to prove that I am simply trying my best to be good at these things.
But as I watch my children grow up I learn more and more each day and one of the things I am constantly reminded and struggle hard to achieve can be summed up in one famous quote:

“Our children need our presence, not our presents.” -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

If there is anything I can do for my children, with all my heart I will do it. The reason I joke around, act like a child when others are working so hard to be sophisticated, mature and oh so proper – is because I know time is short. Life flies by and before you know it the kids are grown, you are old and you are wondering – what happened?

Today I am home sick suffering with my constant foe – allergies. As I look around my empty home I can’t help but wonder what life will be – you know after the kids are no longer kids and I am merely a shell of my former self?

funy dad
I thought about it and I have come to only one conclusion: I will enjoy the time I have with my children, the life I have know. Life is already stressful enough and I need to stop and smell the roses – thorns and all. Because I want my children, I want to sit back one day and be able to remember: I want to remember the smiles, the jokes, the tears, the angry moments – moments, life.

Whether I win Dad of the year or Father of the century in my children’s eyes are of no consequence to me – what I want is that when a conversation comes up – I want my child as a grown up to say: yes I remember that Dad, that I remember when me and Dad. I want them to tell their children – grandpa, ma dad always did this with me and I want to do it with you.

Life is short and I want every minute to count for something.

fun funny dad

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