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Book review critic hates the word RICH??

Book review critic hates the word RICH??

I was minding my own business and I get this interesting email notification on my cell: book cretic leaves comment on an Amazon forum. So of course being the curious type I just had to read it. This is what this Amazon critic had to say about my book: “Despite your books good intentions – your title is boring.”

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What? I was literally floored – who is this person and what do they mean by my book title is boring?

My first reaction was to want to rant: who the hell do you…… (“Expletive language” not appropriate for a person like me) – But I didn’t. So I did the next best thing, I wrote back to this critic asking what suggestions they might have to improve the title of my children’s book: for children how to become Rich, Successful and Do well in school.

An hour later I get a response which basically says: It is not my job to tell an author what his title to his book should be that is up to them. But the use of the word “Rich” in your title – if you meant it as gaining wealth makes your title boring.

So that was the crux of his problem, I doubt this individual even read the free excerpt that is given on Amazon or the other online bookstore that promote my book: it seems his only problem with the title is the use of the word “Rich”.

Now, I wanted to argue my case with this individual, but I decided I would take this to you: the people who read my blog, who know some of my life stories and know my heart that is shared for all to see in my blog post.

What do you think: Is it wrong, or for that matter boring to use the word rich in my title?

Honestly, I would like your opinion?

You see: in my defense I used the word ‘Rich’ in my title (throughout my book) for several different reasons.
1. Every person, every child dreams of being RICH, being successful and they want to shoot for the stars. So I used the word Rich to simply get their attention – you want to reach your dream of being rich, well let me tell you how to do it: do well in school.
2. I used the word rich also because it implies a better life style. We as parents want the best for our children; we want them to achieve greatness – to do bigger and better things. Like when describing “rich milky chocolate”, you are describing not wealth but quality. A better quality of life is what I refer to in the book.
3. When I looked up the word rich online, the definition started off by describing the word as in “having lots of money” - wealth, but then it added definitions that pertained to a rich sulky voice, highly productive (a rich mine) and it also included “meaningful and significant”. That is what I was aiming for: How to teach children that the love of learning can transform their lives into a meaningful and significant life.

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Yes, I sort of did a bait and switch: I told them they could be Rich, Successful and then I threw in the ‘how’ – by doing well in school. But that is also reflected in the title as well.

I have worked in the school system for several years and I have been very involved in my children’s schooling and education. I have seen it done in the school system and I have put this practice to good use in my home: children need to be incentivized. Why should I do this? Why should I work so hard now? What good will learning math do me?

The answer is simple: do you want a rich full meaningful significant life, equating success with accomplishing goals that you have set forth in your life? If the answer is yes, then son, daughter – do well in school. How do you do well in school? Seek knowledge, crave learning, make learning a lifelong passion – never fear mistakes because you can learn from them.

So again I ask you: Is my title boring?

Please comment below, I would love to hear from you, thank you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No I don't believe the title is boring. I read the book and found it to be a good read.

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