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$100 million wasted on NJ schools - Parents are best hope for kids education

The importance of children, kids education - teaching your child to read, do math and more may need to be a top priority for parents because apparently the people who say they know, don't know squat.

Apparently - You can give $100 million dollars for education, but that won't help.

People still complain about my book title, how “Rich” is some form of four letter word that no one should use. But I believe that children need as much help as possible to succeed in life and whichever form of motivation that works – parents should employ.
I think parents are the first and best line of defense when it comes to kids education, their desire to learn and motivation behind their desire to do well in school. Trust me, if you are waiting for the government and all these “we know better” individuals to properly teach your children – by all means wait, but don’t hold your breath as you wait.
The article (see excerpt below) is proof that simply throwing money at a problem, especially a social problem that involves issues that stem from home life, poverty and lack of motivation as well as purpose – it just will not work.

Excerpt of: Mark Zuckerberg gave New Jersey $100 million to fix Newark's schools, and it looks like it was a waste

Immediately, Booker appointed Cami Anderson for the job. She implemented ways to help students and improve schools (all which The New Yorker detailed), but there were roadblocks along the way, like how the students brought the issues going on in their homes with them to the classroom.
Anderson wanted to give schools more support to help students on emotional and social levels, but Newark had already been spending more money per student than most districts in the entire country, none of which was reaching the children it existed to help.

New contracts were being created, money was being hemorrhaged, and the district was going broke. But interviews — like this one in Forbes — regarding the money and the future of Newark's schools were always positive, highlighting, of course, only the good aspects of the huge monetary donation.

Article found at: Business insider / By Caroline Moss

I want you to consider this – while they pay consultants upwards of “$1,000 dollars a day” as reported by the New Yorker, children are still not being taught and money is being mismanaged (corruption or ignorance – probably more like stupidity) their children are going to private, high end schools and they pay people to tutor and instruct their children.

So I ask you – I ask myself: As a parent, what can we do?

It’s not an easy question to answer but I do believe this is a good place to start – parents need to be truly involved in their children’s education. They have to find a way to motivate their children to “want to learn” because the school system with all the wonderful and caring teachers that it has – is failing us.

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