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Glow in Dark Party for Accelerated Reader students (nice idea)

Awesome - Glow in Dark Party for Accelerated Reader students (nice idea)

These kids have been working hard in school and in their extracurricular “Accelerated Reader” efforts. They have maintained and above avg. of 80% and some have read more than 300 points in the reading program we call AR. For all their hard work and their dedicated effort to read, learn and past these AR test we throw a party for the children who strive to meet these goals. The last party of the year is (was) a cool awesome ‘Glow in the Dark’ AR party.

I admit it – I danced, I laughed, I partied like it was 1999! Oops, showing my age.

But in all seriousness it was fun, I had a good time, the children had a great time and we did it all to reward them for all their hard work. People ask me what we do, what do I do to motivate children to learn. My answer will always be the same – give them a reason to want to learn. Give them something that will motivate them to do more, to try harder, something that will drive them to succeed.
For some children motivation may come in the form of acceptance, acknowledgement, love, attention or a reward. For other children it may be the desire to earn money, fame or they are thinking of the future – really, who doesn’t think about the future. But all in all, find what motivates them, drives them – what gets them pumped up and fired up and you will see a change in them.

funny learning reading

fun reading party

reading made fun learning

fun reading party
Me with glowing blinking lights in ears.. lol

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