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Learning made interesting and Fun - or funny?

How to make learning interesting, fun and even funny.

Honest this is the truth: I shared it on face book but I thought I should give a bit more detail here on my blog. So here goes.

Being one who works hard at motivating my children to learn and to desire to learn - especially when it comes to being inquisitive, I found myself in a funny but tough spot.

I'm driving in the car with my son after spending less than an hour at the mall to buy he new pair of sneakers (* surprise - wife wasn't with us so the trip was short... :)  in and out, just how I like it. LOL) So my son decides to have a conversation about animals and to be honest, I wasn't putting to much attention to what he was saying, he can really go on and on sometmes. but out of the blue he ask me a simple question - let me give you a play by play reinacment.

Son: "Dad do all animals eat?"
Dad: "of course son, they all eat in one form or another."
Son: "Do sharks eat?"
Dad: "Yeah, sharks eat - why?"
Son: "So how do sharks poop?"
Dad: "....."

No really, I was speachless. It was something I never thought to consider and he was serious.

Of course I gave him the only logical answer that I could give him - I don't know but we can google it when we get home.

When we got home he went off to parade himself about as he showed off his new sneakers to his sister and then his mom. I thought he forgot all about it - nope, he didn't. An hour later he comes up to me with his mother s smart phone in hand and said, ok Dad lets find out how sharks poop. What could I tell him, no, not interested. I'm always telling him that learning is fun, that we should always be seeking knowledge, learning something new every day. I couldn't just tell him, no. So we sat thier together and we did a simple google search - how do sharks poop.

To my surprised we found a video and lets just say we laughed hard as we were grossed out at how sharks poop. My son to verify that this was an actual video and not some gag he went online and looked it up. He found a nature web site with facts on sharks and he read out loud how sharks 'poop'. It dipected everything we saw in the video. Sadly enough this lead to a strange desire (by my son) to find out how whales and other sea creatures 'poop'.

My is the point to all this - learning can be fun and we as parents should never hinder our children from learning. Yes, they will ask the same question a million times over and they will want to find out some of the wierdest and even grossest things you can imagine. But it's all done in the name of learning. Sitting there with him fulfilled several parential duties: spending time, showing him his thoughts are important and that learning is a high priority even for Dad.

So now that I know how shark poop - I thought you would want to watch the video.

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