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How Children learning motivation, can be Successful and "Do well in school"

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William is a father of two children; he has spent the first fifteen years of his daughter's life and the eight years of his son life teaching them that life starts now. That it is important to think about the future, today, even at such an early age.

His daughter is a straight 'A' student and his son, is also in advance classes. They do well in school because he has taught them that doing well in school, is part of creating a successful future.
It is good to dream and we all should strive to dream big dreams. But without a plan, a desire to continue to learn, to strive for more, to build a healthy confidence in one's self - is what makes dreams into reality.
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He wrote this book as present to his two children, a reminder to them of what can happen when you do more than just dream. This book is a childhood dream - a dream about being an author, publishing a book. He has taken his passion for helping his children excel in school and has accomplished one of his own childhood dreams.

For Children 'How to Become' Rich, successful and do well in school was written with the title in mind. Children can be successful in life. Children can do so much more than what most people give them credit for. There was a young man who at the age of 12 years old, he made $50,000 dollars and at 15 he was the CEO of a company.

His story is one of many stories of children who have become successful at very young ages. This book was written to encourage young people to do more, to make big dreams and to make those dreams come true. Yes it is possible to be a millionaire at the age of 19 years old; It is also possible to make a million dollars out of a bunch of coat hangers and a simple idea.

This book starts with the idea that 'learning' is important, that it is the first step in becoming and being successful in life. As a parent the author brings to these pages the tools, the rules and the mindset that children need if they want to succeed; to achieve the dream they have. This book is not about only making money - it is about how to become successful. Success is not about money, about being 'Rich', but being successful does create opportunities for large sums of money.

Success is about dreaming big and reaching your goals. Like one young man who started working out of his parent's kitchen when he was only 15 years old. With his success he has invested in various charitable projects, of which one runs tea parties for lonely elderly people who live alone or in care homes. The company reports to have run over 120 such events between March 2008 and March 2009, with the largest events attracting over 600 guests. The company organizes various 'knitathons', encouraging the public to knit for good causes. In 2008, several thousand knitted squares were collected, sewn into blankets and sent to orphanages in India.

Children can be successful; all they need is the right mindset and the tools to achieve their dreams. This book helps them get started and it all starts with - seeking knowledge and doing well in school.
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Publication Date:Dec 16 2012
Related Categories:Juvenile Nonfiction / General
Page Count:94
Binding Type:US Trade Paper
Trim Size:5.06" x 7.81"
ISBN/EAN13:1481258206 / 9781481258203

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