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Comic strip : Conquer earth...

I had all these great ideas for the blog - but my internet connection went out for most of the day. Dumb me, I didn’t write them down and now - well, I’m stuck. But I figure you might enjoy this cartoon [ comic strip ] I created a while back. I think it’s funny, it’s a couple of years old and may be out dated, but maybe you might get a laugh.

funny comic
comic strip

the idea behing this is that after my duaghter was born, most of the TV I watched was kids shows... and some times, it would drive me mad. Can you imagine a grown man singing the Barney song..... I can stil hear it... "I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME....."

1 comment:

Cloudsters said...

Heh, these aliens, they have VHS on their viewscreens or whatever those are called?

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