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Party New Years Eve ! ! ! HOT HOT

Party New Years Eve !! Wild HOT Party !!!

family partyOk so it's not the HOT party you might be thinking, but it was a wild good old time. We had the PIG roast [ thats right I had pig - it's new years eve - forget the cholestoral ... sorry Doc... ]

We had the drinks, the loud "wake up" the nieghbors music, the beautiful woman - my wife being the most Gorgeous one present. Love you babe....
The kids running wild, oh and did I mention the dancing?

Ok, this time I didn't get a video clip of my dance moves - but hey you can check out my party dance moves at the Christmas Party video - check it out if you haven't.
Please check out the video and the pictures and Please leave a comment - I do love your comments.

Plenty of Drinks for Party
party drinks

The Party was done Right

party party

No, that's not Alcohol !!!!

hot party babe

Too many women - caliente......

hot party girls

The men are not that bad looking... except for me..

party guys

Sorry Doc - I had to have PIG ...

Party hot pig

My wife's creation - from scratch...

party cake

1 comment:

Business Plan Gold said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun. I need to party with you guys instead of sleeping the New Year in. Well maybe it's the age thing.

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