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Strange gift for Christmas

Strange gift for Christmas: #1

Ok, Christmas is over, most people have already gone through the ritual of returning or exchanging the gifts they … umh didn’t like? Couldn’t use? Thought down right hideous? So I decided to share with you a couple of Christmas gifts I thought were kind of strange but did not or could not return.

I am going to separate them into two separate blog post because… I need more content? No, because one gift I personally bought and didn’t think nothing of it until I saw the Christmas day pictures of me and my son.

best gifts everNow I have shared you most of you that my son is a military buff. He wants to go to the army, be a marine, fly a airforce jet - everything with him is about shooting, blowing things up and car chases… not sure how that slipped into the military theme but he is a boy.

So here I am, a dad looking for a Christmas gift that will give me the biggest bang for my buck. You know - something he will love, enjoy and use for a long time [ I hope ]. By the way, my daughter got a laptop, not a strange gift but I thought I’d mention it so she didn’t think I forgot about her. It’s what she’s wanted for over a year now [ good, now she can stop using mine … smiling on the inside… ]

best gift everSo back to the boy.. I got him some X-box 360 games, military games and a halo one he didn’t have. But then I remembered the one thing he has been asking for, for more than a year…. a BB gun riffle.

Yes, it probably makes you think of that movie “you’ll shoot you eye out kid.” BB riffle. I have been avoiding getting him the riffle for that very reason - shoot himself, his sister or worst… shoots me in the eye! I didn’t want to worry about it… but as I did my Christmas shopping I apparently was not thinking logical - all I thought was: Man this is going to be great! He is going to love this, me and him can go out in the back yard and shoot some cans have some bonding time - he will love it. Which by the way he did, until he saw the video games… then I had to remind him about the dangerous BB gun riffle he got for Christmas.

best gifts everBut it did not dawn on me - about the dangerous part until I saw the pictures of my little boy standing with his dad holding the riffle in his hands. It did not hit me that I just put a dangerous weapon in the hands of a seven year old until I saw the pictures of him taking aim at the tin can… What was I thinking?

All these several months I’ve been trying to get him to forget about that BB gun riffle because I knew it was a dangerous thing for him to have …. And I eagerly buy it for him because it was Christmas? And apparently I am the only one who found it strange, odd. I expected the grand parents to say - you bought him what? But no, grandpa went out back and started taking turns with my son shooting at the tin can [ must be a man thing ]. I know I moved down south and guns here are sort of a right of passage - but as a Christmas gift to a seven year old?

But what I really find strange is that my thinking, my judgment, it all went out the window when it came to buying him the best Christmas gift i could? So, did I lose my senses, was I blinded by the Christmas season or do you think it’s normal? Let me know…..

By the way, I'm getting pretty good at hitting the tin can - I got Aim !
Next - the second strangest christmas gift.

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